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Salinometer [WQB]  

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waterwatereverywhere  Salinometer [WQB] Posted: 12-21-05 20:00:45

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http://www.soinc.org/events/waterqual/salinometer.htm <<<<< Thats the site of where i am making my salinometer from, but i have no idea what to do once i have it! anyone got advice or a good site?

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Steelerfries34  Re: Salinometer [WQB] Posted: 12-22-05 03:41:03

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You have to calibrate the salinometer next. We made one similar to the salinometer you're making last year... and it was difficult to calibrate because it didn't want to go to the same point for the same solution, but here's how you do it.

1st get two cups, or anything somewhat tall that will hold water in it. Put freshwater into one cup (0% Salt Solution), and put a 10% salt solution in the other container. To make a 10% salt solution you'll need 90 grams of water, and ten grams of salt (or any other solution that has 9 grams of water per every gram of salt, like 180 to 20, or 45 to 5), mix them together really nice.

After you do this drop your salinometer into the freshwater (0% solution) and see how far the salinometer sinks. Put a mark with a marker at the point where the salinometer comes out of the water, and something to show that is the reading for a 0% solution. Do the same thing with the 10% solution, and then if you want more accurate readings, do it with 5% too.

Good Luck with it.

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scientist5  Re: Salinometer [WQB] Posted: 01-02-06 15:49:28

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do we have to do a salinometer this year? in the rules it doesnt specify anything about a salinometer, but then again, it may be general agreement.


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